Tuesday, February 18, 2014

COP days

Two days this week have become COP for one reason or another.

Monday and Tuesday I ended up staying at home, so I was able to work on the plastic canvas monkeys, I will probably finish them tonight.

I also was able to cut the cross's out for C daughters confirmation party, those will be hot pink and white.

I will be cutting some old frayed things into work cloths for C when he is working on the van. I did some puttzering around here while I had the extra time at home.

Tomorrow will be A's first birthday, in the morning I will be going to chapel to hear D and his speaking part, then home for awhile, then to my PT appointment, I will stop at the library, then home to spend the rest of the day with the birthday Princess!!

The rest of the week should be about the same as planned, except the fabric I wanted to use is MIA so I will not be doing cutting out on Thursday, but I know I will find plenty to do.

Today we woke to lots of snow so schools were closed, and then W Dr apt that I was going to go to with him was changed..

Till later

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